Home Staging Business Plan

home staging business plan


  1. Concoct says:

    How To Start A Small Business In Ontario?

    My sister-in-law and I are planning to open a Home Staging company, with a view to branch into Interior Design.

    Are there any small business owners in Ontario, Canada that can give us some advice as to what steps to take?

    Specifically, how do we go about obtaining government grants to start our business? Do we need a license of any sort to start working? Etc…

    Thank you!

  2. Beth says:

    I am looking to start a home staging business. Any ideas for business names?
    I am planning on starting up a home staging business. I have been trying to figure a good, catchy name. So far I am leaning towards “Profitable Design.” Any feedback?

    • DeeZee says:

      Home stage pros
      Complete staging
      winning stagers
      start to finish staging
      MM (monumental) design
      effective design
      advantageous designers
      vila staging & design

  3. just me says:

    How do I get clients for my Event Planning Business?
    I’m in the early stages of starting my own event planning business. How would you suggest I market my business?

    • TM Express™ says:

      Associations may be a good avenue to explore. These organizations will address many of the thoughts, questions and concerns you’ll inevitably have as well as many you haven’t anticipated yet.

      http://www.ises.com/ — International Special Events Society
      http://www.acep.com/ — Association of Catering & Event Professionals

      Research, research, research – this cannot be stressed enough. Read as much as you can about the industry. Here are some book titles that are relevant:

      * How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business by Jill Moran
      * Start Your Own Event Planning Business: Your Step by Step Guide to Success by Krista Turner
      * The Essential Event Planning Kit by Godfrey Harris
      * Start & Run an Event-Planning Business by Cindy Lemaire

      There are lots of free informational resources out there. Check out these articles:

      http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Become-an-Event-Planner&id=99077 – How to Become an Event Planner by Randy Wilson
      http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,286945,00.html – Entrepreneur’s Starting an Event Planning Service

      Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

  4. Mel says:

    Can window covering sample books be purchased used? If so, from where?
    I am just starting an interior decor home staging and redesign business.I am planning on becoming a “dealer” for a window tx company.The sample books are very expensive so I’d like to purchase some current but used books,any idea where I could find such a thing? (I’ve already looked on ebay & googled my question) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • blue eyes says:

      Try the dealer in the area or the manufacturer of products you want to sell and ask them if they have any extras to sell.

  5. Me too says:

    How do I find a supplier for a home party pet supply sales?
    I am in the beginning stages of writing a business plan for a pet supplies home party sales and am wondering how I find a supplier.

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